Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Daddy

It is with a heart overflowing with emotion I sit here today. There are times when no words are adequate to describe the joy one heart can hold. Some things are simply better 'felt' than 'telt', as my mom would say.

This morning something happened, that I quite honestly wondered would ever happen again. I sat in church beside my Daddy. Just writing that causes a stream of tears to flow. Although he wasn't beside me for long, as his bones were aching and he struggles to sit still, for that brief time, we were worshipping side by side. I was his little girl again. I'm sure my smile and excitement was announcing the joy within my heart. I felt like Shirley Temple in "The Little Princess" when she found her Daddy after he had been lost at sea, and within the shadow of his presence she announced to Queen Victoria, this is my Daddy.

(You must watch this clip: . Scroll over to 1:29:15 and watch the last 4 minutes, it so picturesquely displays my heart.)

Although Daddy still has so many challenges ahead and the bad days often overpower the good, today Daddy sat in church with me. He was out of the hospital on a Day Pass.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting often. I know so many of you are still praying for my Dad and I appreciate it so much. The struggles continue to be many and the heartache great. I find myself too exhausted emotionally to continue writing updates. To put into words the sadness that surrounds my heart just pulls me down, so I have abandoned writing here over the past month. (I do still post daily on my "Pondering In His Presence" blog, and I trust some of you will chose to visit me there.)

Today, after our family shared a special lunch with Dad, I gave him a gift. Originally I purchased this as a Father's Day gift, but my excitement could not contain my desire to give this to Dad today. Dad will undergo a procedure again this Tuesday at 2:00pm. He again will be subject to anesthetic and medication. He again will have a scope to check for further cancerous cells. Not knowing next weeks outcome, I wanted to give my gift to Dad today...on a good day...on a happy was afterall still a "Father's Day".

When I was a little girl my Dad would let me climb on top of his feet, and holding his hands he would dance me around our living room as the music played. I first heard this song by "Point of Grace" this past Christmas Day. I dissolved into tears. They were singing about my Daddy and me. I couldn't wait for the CD and book release. I was able to present Dad with that book today.

Please enjoy both the links below. The first is a link to a video of the song, "King of the World"; the second is the story, "Dance Me, Daddy" being read by the author from "Point of Grace", Cindy Morgan. Just a warning...go get a Kleenex before viewing either. You'll need a few.

Friends, thanks for your continued care and love. Our family is only finding strength right now through the prayers of many. Several of you have e-mailed me asking how you can pray for us right now. Certainly we would appreciate your prayers for this Tuesday. We are also longing to have Dad settled permanently. We are on quite an extensive waiting list for a long-term care facility. Our desire is to have Daddy moved close to home. Even more than these requests, our heart's cry is to see Daddy happy again. He struggles with depression and because of his lack of discernment and understanding, presently some days are extremely difficult. Please pray the Lord will guard his spirit from the attacks of the evil one.

Today the Lord gave me a treasured gift. I sat in church with my Daddy.

"King of the World" song lyrics by Cindy Morgan

Spinning around on the tops of his feet
Smiles of the angels could not be so sweet
Wide blue eyes and piggy tail swirls
She's her daddy's girl

'Cause he knows the jokes that always make her laugh
Takes her for ice cream instead of her nap
At the end of the day by the light of the moon
They turn up the music in their living room

And she yells, "Dance me. Dance me around till my feet don't ever touch down There's nothing better than being your girl
And if I am your princess then, Daddy, you are the king of the world."

It's funny how life moves in circles of time
To think not so long ago that face was mine
Houses get smaller, we take different names
But some things in life stay the same

Some day she'll go off and find a life of her own
And marry a good man and make a happy home
Until she comes back and sees with those same eyes what time can not disguse

She walks through the door with that look on her face
'Cause Daddy's brown hair has all turned to gray
They talk for hours
They cry and they laugh

Watching old movies and thinking back
Just as she turns to go, she says
"Hey, Dad, how about one for the road?

"Dance me, dance me around till my feet don't ever touch down
Dance me, dance me around till my feet don't ever touch down
'Cause there's nothing better than being your girl
Oh no there's nothing better than being your girl
And if I am your princess then Daddy, you are the king of the world
King of the world."

Spinning around on the tops of his feet
Smiles of the angels could not be so sweet


Beth E. said...

You were right...I needed the Kleenex! I could just picture you as a little girl, with your dad, dancing around the room. I used to do the same thing with my dad.

I am praising God for the special time you had with your father today! How wonderful that he was able to attend church, and that your family was able to enjoy such a wonderful day together.

I am praying for your father now, and will continue to pray - especially on Tuesday. You and your family are also in my prayers.

Please update us when you can.


Sita said...

Joy, I am so glad you could share this precious moment...continuing to pray,
Love, Sita

Leah said...

MMMM, I miss my Daddy soooo much. It has almost been 5 years since he went to be with Jesus and I miss him more every day. I can't wait until I see him again.

So glad you had a wonderful day with your Daddy. Thanks for your email update. You are in my thoughts!!


Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Wow...a precious gift and miracle sit with your daddy at church while you worship your Daddy. How beautiful.

Will absolutely continue to pray.

lisasmith said...

Joy, I cried as I read your post. I am rejoicing with you today. So glad you were able to worship with your daddy. Our Daddy was surely smiling the biggest smile today.

Tracy said...

What a treasured day, Joy! No wonder it touched your heart so. Please know I continue to lift you and your Dad to the Lord each time you cross my mind. I rejoice with you in the sweet gift you received this day. Thank you for sharing those beautiful words.


P.S. Thank you for your prayers for my Dad, as well. It means the world to me.

Lori said...

Catch my prayers sweet, dear Joy!
Lori - AZ

Cheri Bunch said...

So beautiful, Joy! I have been listening to a WOW cd which has Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella on it. Kind of the opposite of what you speak of here and yet the same. There must be dancing in heaven!

Rejoicing that you had such a special time with your dad, Joy.

Love to you!

Unreasonable Grace said...

Praise the Lord for your wonderful Father's day! When God shows up, it's worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are precious Joy.

Runner Mom said...

Bless your precious heart, Joy. I pray that all went well yesterday. I will hop over to your other blog in a minute. I loved the family photo. So glad that you and your darling Daddy were able to worship together on Sunday. Y'all continue to be in my prayers.

Love you,

Kathy S. said...

What a sweet gift to have in the midst of all of this. I am glad the Lord blessed you.

The memories you have are so special. When I listened to the story, I had to transpose (my experience w/ my own daddy) to milking cows, fencing, hunting, and fishing with him. He is quite a dancer w/ my mom, but we never did dance.

May God continue to shower you with His Peace, and provision in this valley.

Genny said...


How wonderful about being in church with your dad. I hope his procedure went well on Tuesday! Your family will be in my prayers.

Glad to be back,


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a beautiful picture you've painted for me. How did the surgery go? I'm sorry to be out of the loop on things. It doesn't mean I haven't thought about you and prayed for you all, even this morning!

If you're up for a call sometime soon, that would be great.

Thanks for sharing the picture. What a beautiful day.