Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Parable of Freedom

I sat at the table in the sunroom and watched as a moth beat it’s wings tirelessly on the window screen. My heart was torn. I wanted to scream at this little insect to turn around. I wanted to yell at it - YOU ARE OUTSIDE! The entire world is behind you. Without hesitation and with keen determination this moth relentlessly kept trying to force itself inside the room. Open space surrounded him. Miles and miles to fly. Sights to see. Adventures to appreciate. Yet, as if controlled by some invisible force, all day this moth didn’t stop it’s frantic pursuit. He didn’t understand his reality. He was already free.

Freedom. A word I have thought about a lot over this past week leading up to Remembrance Day. It brings with it sacrifice and implies blood shed. Life given for a cause and taken at a cost. Hearts and homes fractured so hope could be renewed. Selfless serving. Men and women. Heroes who walked into battle to bring a gift that generations yet to come are yet to unwrap. Do we appreciate and value the freedom we have received?

Long before this day of reflection ever came to be, there was another remembrance day. A day when freedom was secured through the shedding of the blood of One. A battle was fought and a life was given…not taken. Jesus death was not the result of man, but of love. A love so unfathomable that it will never be comprehended, but it can be received and accepted.

His ammunition was truth. His opponent, the father of lies. The battle raged, but victory was determined before it began. Rising as King and Conqueror, Jesus paid the price for our freedom. Through the agonizing separation from His Father as our sins were cast upon Him, Jesus experienced something we will never have to endure. Yet, have we embraced that freedom?

Too often I am like that moth. I’m beating my wings against the prison walls that hold me captive. If I would just turn around and embrace Him. God’s Word tells me that it is for freedom that He has set me free. (Galatians 5:1) Has set me free. Past tense. The work has been completed. Any stronghold that binds me is my choice, for it is not necessary. Freedom is my portion and God’s plan. May my life not nullify all that Christ has accomplished so I can soar to new heights with Him.