Friday, October 23, 2009


To those of you who follow this blog, many apologies. It has just been so difficult finding time to keep up two blogs. I still continue to write daily, and you are more than welcome to visit me at Pondering In His Presence.

Today I have come out of silence to share some great news!!!

I read this verse during my time in His Word this morning: “Father, bring glory to your name.” John 12:28

Lord, this has been my prayer since March 3rd of this year. As I have stood by the bedside of my dad after errors in care were made causing life threatening complications to arise. It’s been a weary walk.

As others encouraged our family to take action against the hospital, we offered forgiveness. Does this mean we just accepted the mistakes and continued on? No. We expressed our disappointment in the health care system. We met with those who held influence over future patients care and voiced our concerns. We held hands around dads bed and in waiting rooms and prayed, giving testimony to the one Physician who ultimately was providing dad’s care. Like Christ we prayed for the cup to be passed (Matthew 26:39), but He chose for us to sip a little, and in the drinking to glorify His name.

Friends, I have exciting news!!!

Back on March 27th, I wrote that short of a miracle my dad would not be coming home. Well…we’ve received that miracle!!

In just five more days, October 28th, my dad is coming home! What makes this homecoming a double blessing is that October 28th is my mom’s 84th birthday! What a gift. What a Giver!

Lord, I pray that as we’ve journeyed this unexpected road for almost eight months, daily at the hospital, our lives have brought You glory. I pray our responses and reactions have spoken of You. I pray staff and visitors have seen Your presence.

Father, I thank and praise You now for bringing glory to Your name in dad’s illness and healing. Although his mobility may be slower and he’ll need some assisted care, his mind has been renewed and my dad no longer demonstrates the characteristics of one effected by the medical error made.

Father thank You for glorifying Your name through pain and suffering, through doubt and fear, through confusion and heartache and now through praise and rejoicing.

Thank you to all of you who travelled this road by my side through prayer. We still will have challenges ahead, but God who brought us to this point in time will continue to walk with us, guiding each step of the way.

In my life Lord, be glorified today.