Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Holly!

My thoughts are focused across the border today. A sweet friend is celebrating her birthday. It’s funny, I’ve only really spent minutes with her, yet her life has impacted mine in so many ways. Point proven that it's not quantity but quality of time. From the moment I was introduced to her, I saw Jesus.

I see the joy of Jesus in her smile. I hear the hope of Jesus in her words. I sense His love through her life. I understand better His servant heart and tender compassion as she reaches out and pours His living water to refresh others after already drinking deeply herself. I see Him in her courage to be obedient to her Father. I see Him sitting on a park bench in Germany unaware of how in reaching out to one, she is ministering to another. I see Him as she embraces a barefoot runaway. I see Him encouraging her friend to read Ephesians and take up the full armour of God. I see Him as she shares teachable moments with cell phones, cheese balls and pet analogies. I see Him as she honestly confesses to dents in cars. I see Him in her commitment to speak honouring words and refrain from gossip. I see Him in the place of safety she offers as she listens with her heart. I see Him in her text messages (shared on her friend’s blog), e-mails and Christmas cards. I see Him through her random acts of kindness and the fruit of His spirit growing in her life. I see Him as she ministers to my heart.

My Inbox contains precious messages that have so often been God’s voice of encouragement and love to me. Her name may appear at the closing, but it’s His heart I’ve just read. Words that have strengthened my marriage and my personal walk with the Lord, challenging me to go deeper and live louder. She is not content with surface relationship or mediocre faith. Her gentleness is evidenced by all and her smile radiates His love. Eyes, filled with compassion, she is content to humbly stand in His shadow and be used in quiet ways that many will never know.

I pray today that the Lord will bless my friend in many ways. May she know His presence. May she feel His touch. May she hear His voice. May she rest in His love.

Happy Birthday Holly. May His presence be your best present today and always. Thanks for the gift of your friendship. You are loved.