Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Trying to Believe that No News is Good News



Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all the love and prayers you sent my way yesterday. Your comments and e-mails gave my family and I so much strength throughtout the day. Dad seemed to come through the surgery perfectly. Can you believe they sent him home around 4pm? All appeared to be going fairly well. I left my parents home around 5pm, but my sister called a couple of hours later saying she was taking Daddy back to Emergency. Some complications had developed and he needed to return to the hospital. She didn't feel it was anything too serious, but felt Dad required some attention and medical care.

I didn't hear from her again until around 9pm. Dad still hadn't been seen by a Dr. Oh...frustrating! Apparently there were people in the waiting room who had been there since 11am who were 'patiently' listening for their names to be called. My sister didn't see any need for me to come to the hospital, but I asked her to call again as soon as she knew anything.

At the time of this call, I was checking my blog comments. The last comment at that time was from a special friend who is also on Facebook with me. I signed into my Facebook account and she 'just happened' to be on-line. As my husband was out at a volleyball game, the Lord provided a precious friend to 'talk' with me and she and her daughter prayed for my Dad right then. I really believe it was no coincidence that she was there. I love how the Lord provides for our needs.

I did receive another call from my sister around midnight and the Dr. was just checking Dad's condition. My sister felt they would be at the hospital for at least another few hours as Dad needed to be accessed and treatment given.

At this moment, I don't know anything else. Please continue to pray for my Dad. I will add an update to this post as soon as I find out more.

One thing I do know, is that my Dad is in God's hands. So thankful for our Great Physicain who administers care even while we're waiting.

UPDATE: The following is the urgent prayer request that was sent from our church office. This is concerning my Daddy.

"Please be in prayer for Denzil Dale. Denzil had outpatient surgery yesterday and went home. He then had some complications and had to go back to the hospital. After being there for a long time they took him in and proceeded to administer morphine, which he is allergic to and had a bracelet on indicating this allergy. He has had a very severe reaction. He has had to be restrained; is having hallucinations etc. Please pray for Denzil and the whole family as it is so very difficult for them to see him this way."

As the nurses did not feel it was best for us to see my Dad, although I have been at the hospital since 9:30am, I have not seen my Daddy today. He gets too agitated when he sees family, as he is determined to go home. This IS NOT MY DAD! This is the result of the morphine, erroneously admistrated. Please pray that the effect of this drug will wear off. Pray that my Dad will calm down. Pray that the Dr's will be able to deal with the physical concerns that caused my Dad to return to the hospital. Pray that no other mistakes will be made with his drugs. Pray for my Mom and my sisters and I. We are beside ourselves with concern and so very tired. We worry that Daddy feels abandoned as his family is not visiting him. We are such a close family, not seeing him is almost killing us. Please pray that we all will get the rest we need and be able to trust the Lord in and through this situation.

Thank you again for all your comments, messages and phone calls. It's good to know we are not alone. I wish I could hug you all. Sending my love.


I just received a call from my sister. My nephew (only 5 years younger than me) has spent the last 4 hours with my Dad. Although Dad was agitated earlier because of the effects of the morphine, he has calmed down. They have moved Dad from Emerge to a semi-private room and although he still has restraints on his hands, they are no longer attached to anything. He has finally been able to have something to eat and appears to be resting peacefully. Rob (my nephew) said that Dad still seems a little vague and is very tired, but he is talking coherently and recognized Rob and was asking after the rest of the family. This is all great news and a direct answer to prayer. The physical problem that initiated the return to the hospital is also clearing up. My heart, so heavy just hours ago, feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I cannot begin to thank all of you for your love and prayers. Please continue to pray and I will write a new post tomorrow with further updates.

Love & hugs to you all!!!!! :o)


Leah said...

Sometimes the Lord works patience in and through us in strange ways, doesn't He? I am praying for you and your family.


Runner Mom said...

I am praying for you all, girlfriend! God is faithful, and He is powerful! Glory to Him for this day!

Love you!

Yolanda said...

Our God, is an awesome God.

Anonymous said...

As I begin my day, I am remembering your father in prayer.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Dear Joy:
I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. I was off of the computer most of the day but was certainly thinking about you. I loved what you wrote about your father; I feel much the same about my daddy. Your dad really sounds like a prince of a man, and I know that these are difficult "wrestlings" to walk through regarding the aging process.

Indeed, as we grow older, our bodies betray us; thankfully, if we know Jesus, our faith never does.

Love you friend and if you need to talk, you've got my number. How are things today?


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Still praying and hoping you have heard some good news by now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

I didn't see your post on Wendy's blog today, so I had to check on you. I'm glad to hear you are standing strong in your faith. I will continue to pray for your father's recovery and strength for you and your family. Remember our reading today; the Lord said " I am your share and your allotment". Numbers 18:20


Debbie - North Carolina

RefreshMom said...

Oh Holly, I'm so sorry about the mistake! It is beyond frustrating (bordering on infuriating) to me when things like that happen. I can only imagine how it feels when it's your loved one. I am praying for God's peace and rest for your father, that He would be possessed with a supernatural calm that belies the medication allergy. And for you and your family as well, that you would feel rested even when there's been no rest. I'm glad you all have each other; I hope you get to let your Dad know you're there very soon.

Leah said...


Someone needs to be disciplined significantly for administering the morphine. That was a huge error that should never have happened. Praying for all of you.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about the reaction to the morphine! I will be praying.

Love ya,

Cheri Bunch said...

Dear Joy,
So sorry that I was not aware of your troubles yesterday. I was out of town. I am praying for you and yours....May the Lord's strength gird you, His comfort embrace you, and His peace fill you. You are so loved, sweet friend. Jesus' gaze is the only sure anchor in this kind of storm.

Much love to you!

ps. I'm learning to lean
Learning to lean
I'm learning to lean on Jesus
Finding more power than I've ever dreamed
I'm learning to lean on Jesus.

Anonymous said...

We will pray for your dad tonight at our family altar.

Sita said...

It made me very angry to read this...the incompetence and negligence of the staff..and then to bar his family from seeing him..this does not sound right...will take this right now to God...

alittleilife said...


i am so sorry to hear of all your troubles! Please know i am praying for you, your dad and your whole family.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What in the world? Honestly, I could smack some people right now. I have a soft spot for this type of thing...the dr. nearly killed me a couple of years ago while in for a hysterectomy. How long would it take me to get there?!

OK...praying harder now.

Have mercy. ~elaine

Renee Swope said...

YAY GOD!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness this is good to hear. I have to confess that I wanted to slap whoever gave him that morphine. I know that is not a Godly reaction so I confessed it immediately and started praying God would clear it out of his system and give tons of wisdom to the doctors to get him back to normal. So glad to hear that he's in a room and out of ER, and that he's talking. I am praying you get some sweet sleep tonight and have a wonderful visit with him soon!!!

Doing the praise dance in my heart!!! Oh girl, your daddy looks and sounds like such a sweetie!

Love you!

swile67 said...

have been praying joy...oh it is so hard to see our parents age...glad you are resting is jesus' arms!

Catherine said...

Joy, Your dad and entire family have been on my heart and in my prayers all day. Have been in touch with Sharon a few times. Praying for all of you. Praying for a miracle in that God will take the morphine out of Grandpa's system very quickly. Thanking Him and Praising Him for R being able to be with him. I truly believe he is the best person in the entire world to be near Grandpa's side right now. So thankful that he is.

Love you friend. Here for you day and night. My cell is always with me right now so if any of you need/want to call, please do.

(((hugs))) C xoxo

Judy Dearing said...

Joy, I also continue to pray for your father, you, and your family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayer.

Melinda said...


I'm just catching up with this - I'll be praying and am so glad to hear the good news!


Laura said...

Dear, sweet, Joy--

I"m so sorry that your family is going through all this. I will continue to pray for your Daddy. It sounds like things are getting better...God hears!

Sending hugs and prayers,

Sheryl said...

I am so praying. Lifting up your dad, you, your family. Remember, none of this took God by surprise.

He's involved and will work things out for the best.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Praise the Lord your Dad is improving! He has been on my heart and mind and prayers so often since I heard about the bad reaction to the morphine! SO glad things are better! I know you will definitely rest better tonight!

Love ya,

Lori said...

Thurs. evening
Dear Joy,
Your family has been lifted up in prayer throughout today. I'm believeing that God's mighty hands are wrapped around all of you and you are feeling His presence as you cling to Him for comfort. Even hoping that your Dad is home by now or resting peacefully under the care of loving nurses.
So, so missed your comments on Wendy's blog!
Praying, Lori -Mesa, AZ

Beth E. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father's return to the hospital! I didn't check anyone's posts yesterday, so I'm just now finding out about it. Praying he is much better and that he will be able to return home very soon.


Melanie Dorsey said...

This touches my heart. I will continue to pray for your dad and the family for healing and peace.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Joy, it is my first visit here on your blog and I want to say that I enjoyed reading your post. May your grandpa get fully recovered soon. :)

Renee Swope said...

Oh my sweet friend Joy! I got your email and note on my blog. You are right. You are not living in what if's - you are living in what is and "what now?"

I am holding you up as God leads you and your family one step at a time. I am praying for your dad and how he is processing all of this as his body reacts to the meds. I am praying for recovery from his surgery and for all complications to be cleared and healed.

Lord, please show Joy your "what now." Please help her find rest and peace in this time of turmoil. Give her space in her thoughts to talk to you and pour out the hurt and frustration in her heart. Guard her mind from Satan's whispers of despair and doubt. I pray that you would surround her with your peace and presence, and give her many "Aarons and Hurs" to hold her up in prayer during this battle. Please be with her father and her family and restore his body back to health.

In Jesus Name, Amen.