Monday, March 02, 2009

Daddy Can Fix Anything

My Daddy has always been my Knight in shining armour. He was the first man I ever fell madly in love with and therefore I had very high expectations for all other suitors. My Dad's been the solid rock and provider for his family for 65 years this May.

He captured my little girl heart and he never...never has let me down or disappointed me. In his arms I feel safe. Hearing his voice brings comfort and security. He used to love playing Board Games and still is a master storyteller. Dad has a natural ability to imitate others and he used to often have me rolling on the floor in laughter as he would retell one story after another, fascinating and enrapturing his audience. All would listen spellbound as he travelled back to days past, adventures taken, tales of love, and my personal favourite - the story of the 'Dale Twins'. Dad would then recount the events surrounding the miraculous birth of my sister and I - the rush to the hospital - our birth at 25 weeks - no hope for our survival and then how God spared the life of two little 1-pound babies. Dad would hug me and all seemed right with the world.

He's been a faithful man of prayer. Early every morning, when I still lived at my parents home, I would see him go to his 'Prayer Chair', Bible in hand, and spend time with his Lord. His Bible is a treasure - dog-eared corners, scribbled margins - words that tell a lifetime of heartache and joy - a life lived before and for his King.

He adores my Mom - still at the age of 83 remarks on how beautiful she is to him. They hold hands. They dance in the kitchen. Eat suppers by candlelight. He's been a romantic through and through.

Dad's famous line has been, "Leave it with me". He never say’s 'no'. He has reached in and become involved in the lives of friends and strangers. He is never afraid or ashamed to speak of his Lord and he's led people to Christ in his home, his office, his car, on the street, in a restaurant, over the phone - God's love has no boundaries in my Dad's life. God was his life. God is his life. God sustains his life. Dad's life has been held in God's grip of grace.

His daughters stole his heart. My sisters and I never for a moment have doubted that we are loved. We are his princesses. Whenever we've been damsels in distress, Dad would be there in seconds in response to a child's scream because an intruder - often a spider - had invaded their kingdom; a piece of living room furniture was lodged in a doorway and a royal daughter needed rescuing; a precious daughter was standing abandoned on the curb side as her car had failed her - but her Daddy never did; or something broke and needed to be repaired.

My sisters and I always believed that Daddy could fix anything. As I grew older I realized it was true. He was the repairer of my toys, the care-giver of my cuts and scrapes, the solver of my problems and the mender of my heart. If my car broke down…call Dad. If an appliance stopped working…call Dad. If an unexpected emergency arose…call Dad. If I needed someone to talk to…call Dad. If my tears needed a shoulder…call Dad. He was my ‘911’ and available at any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Now, Daddy needs fixing and I am helpless. His world is changing. His needs are changing. My once strong, brave, dependable Daddy can no longer carry me and my concerns. I'm not prepared for the changes I'm seeing and I don't welcome them. Tonight, Dad’s health is a concern. He is having surgery tomorrow morning. Things can change so quickly. Too fast. I want to build moguls on the slope to slow down the aging process. I need the respite of a few speed bumps.

Although he sits with me now - still my parent - our roles have changed. The man who once provided for my every needs fixing. I place Him in our Father’s care. A Father who truly can fix anything.

Thank you in advance for any prayers offered for my family tomorrow.

My Daddy and his girls:

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

This was my life two years ago. One of the saddest things I ever experienced was my Dad losing his health. At 80, he had never spent one night in the hospital. Then everything changed with a diagnosis of colon cancer. He lived 9 months and it was the hardest nine months ever. So I understand.....He could no longer fix anything and his personality totally changed.


Judy Dearing said...

Oh precious Joy - I have just prayed for your father as he undergoes surgery, that God will guide the surgeon's eyes and hands, put His arms tightly around you and your family to give you comfort and peace that only comes from Him. I have more thoughts on aging parents but today I focus on prayers for you, your father, and your family.

Kim said...

How blessed you have been with a wonderful earthly father. Praying for him today and you too.

Runner Mom said...

Hey, sweet friend! I will be lifting up not only your precious Daddy, but the rest of y'all as well. I'll write it in my prayer journal as soon as I finish this comment.

Joy, it's so hard to watch our strong and precious parents begin to weaken in ways that surprise us. Try to continue to praise Him for all of the wonderful things that you darling Daddy has taught you, has done for you and has blessed you with. This is a part of who you are--how he has been a part of your development as a daughter, friend, sister, mom and wife. His fingerprints are all over you! That is such a blessing!

Love you bunches!
Wish I were closer, and I'd sit there with you!

Carol said...

Praying here!

Anonymous said...

Even as my father, who passed away five years ago, is constantly in my thoughts, I will remember your father in prayer with the same thoughtfulness. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of our fathers.

Yolanda said...

One path that I've walked that I can honestly say....cherish every moment, and God will give you the grace and strength to carry you through. The difference is your Dad is 83+, my Mom 58. heart and prayers are turned towards you and I can honestly say, God's grace is sufficient.

Lovingly, LOTS OF LOVE,

Melanie Dorsey said...

I think seeing our parents age with health issues is one of the hardest things to walk through. Roles reverse and that takes some getting used to.
I'll remember your dad in prayer now.

alittleilife said...

Joy, i could copy your words and claim them as my own. My dad is 81 and it breaks my heart to see how his health has declined in recent days. Praying for you, sister.

Leah said...

It was the hardest thing I had ever done to watch my once strong Daddy succumb to cancer and slowly leave us. He was my Knight in Shining Armor, my rock, my guiding light and I miss him so. Yes, Jesus is all those things to me, but my Daddy was all those things in an earthly sense.

I pray that your Daddy does well today!! Please keep up updated.


Runner Mom said...

Oh, I love the pictures! You look like your Daddy! And, obviously your sister!!!

Love you!

Sita said...

I was in Ottawa last weekend and just reading this now. Obviously the surgery is over by now. I pray that all went well. My heart certainly connects with yours here and several of the commentors. It is very hard to see the 'ravages' of age on our once very independent parents. I thank Him that you can be with him. Continuing to pray for his healing.
Love, Sita

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow...I got sucked into this...almost feeling what you shared. It was powerful, Joy. This is one of the most precious things I have read. The relationship between you and your father. I have a good relationship with my own dad but nothing like this it feels anyway...I'm a child of divorce so that can give some explanation.

This just warms my heart today. I'm surprisingly touched by this beautiful display of relationship between father and child (children).

I am so sorry you are entering this phase you knew would come but hoped it would be delayed...just another year, another month, another week or day.

But oh how lucky you are to have the precious memories. And then, what better way to show your ever so deep appreciation for your sweet daddy than taking care of him now. I know that your little girl heart wants to run to his lap and he fix your everything. For now, your Father will fix your dad...He will do what He needs in his days and life to come...this new phase.

Thank you for sharing your daddy.

I had forgotten how much you and sis still resemble your twinness (some lose that). However, you are on the right, right? I'm right, right?

I have just lifted your daddy and your family to the Father of all.

heartreflections said...

Praying for you today sweet friend. What a beautiful, heart sinking post. Thank you.

Beth E. said...

I am just now reading your post. How is your father??? I have a precious father who also deals with health issues. He is 79 yrs.

This post is a beautiful, loving tribute to your dad. It has touched my heart in a powerful way. Please update me. I'm praying.

Beth E.

Catherine said...

Beautiful Joybells. I have been praying for Grandpa and your entire family since early this morning. Praying God will work miracles in his life. I'm here for you friend 24 hours a day so please know you can call any time you wish. Love you. Still praying...

Melissa said...


Your pictures and your story of your father are so precious and rare. What an amazing legacy he left in you. I will keep your dad in my prayers. I love you!


Julie said...

This post hits a place in my heart tonight...

My dad went to heaven this past Wednesday.....

I have prayed for yours.....


RefreshMom said...

Praying for you and your Daddy, Joy. (Be sure and read this to him; it would mean the world, I'm sure.)

lisasmith said...

I think the first posts I read by you were about you being your daddy's princess. Again, your relationship with your daddy touches me deeply and causes tears to roll down my cheeks. Joy, hold fast to our Daddy who can fix anything...the One who can fix your daddy.!!!

Sweet mercies to you today,