Saturday, September 20, 2008

Invitation to a Dance

For the past ten years the Lord has given me a 'theme' verse each year. There has been something that He has called my attention to and gripped me with such earnest that it has become my focus for a full year. Last year it was from Ecclesiastes - "There is...a time to dance".

God did call me to 'dance' and step out with Him in many new areas. To abandon the safety of my chair, hugging the side of the wall, and join the dance of life. We 'slow danced' as He held me close and taught me to be still and know Him. We did a 'quick step' as He introduced me to livelier music and exciting adventures. Regardless of rhythm or style, I was held in His divine embrace.

I'm hearing the music again. Music that has been crowded out by too much activity. Music that I have muted as I've ignored God's invitation. Yesterday as I shared my heart with my dear friend Elaine, she wrote the following to me: "Love you and asking God on your behalf to sweep you off of your feet and swing you around the dance floor one more time!"

Friends, He is calling me to register for some more dance lessons and as with any commitment comes the requirement of time. He is calling me to private lessons - just Jesus and me. He has a new dance He desires to teach me and a composition He wants me to write.

I have been sequestered to the Ballroom and I must follow. The music coming from within this room is too beautiful not to pursue. It's penetrating so deeply that my heart is beating wildly in response.

The joy of embracing something new, also brings the pain of letting go. So many of you have become such treasured friends, yet I have put an unhealthy pressure on myself to daily check in and visit with you all. I have been spending more time on the computer than with family and God has been urging me to 'let it go'. I have been using my blog to validate me, when I should only be seeking the Audience of One.

I will still be posting, but only once a week. I will let you know how the dance is going and the ‘moves’ my Instructor is teaching me. I want to share the lessons in this dance,. The pain of ‘sprained ankles’ and ‘tired muscles’, but also the delight of breathless wonder and the joy and freedom of twirling with my hand in His.

I realize that for some of you, this will mean farewell. Thank you for dancing with me for this part of my journey. I have enjoyed each step. You have each taught me valuable lessons and encouraged my heart. I pray that the Lord will continue His dance with you and take you places that will capture your heart with new wonder. Many of you have been that refreshing drink of cold water when my own heart has been parched and needy. I will still be waltzing my way into your lives from time to time and I look forward to reading the melody He’s playing across your days.

Maybe some of you hear the call to dance, but you’ve held back. The chair is safe. The dance unknown. You may be hesitant, but don’t be afraid. We don’t have to worry about the steps ahead. Just feel the music, fall into His arms and follow His lead. Let Him hold you so close you hear Him whispering in your ear. I pray that "if you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you'll dance". (Lee Ann Womack)

Thank you Lord for calling my name, extending Your hand, and inviting me. I love the way You love me so completely. Thank you for stirring my longing to be held by You. May I remain in Your arms until this dance becomes reality and I see You face-to-face.

Please visit my other blog, "Pondering in His Presence" for a further word on this following.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...


knew this was coming and while it hurts (both me and you), I know it is your necessary.

I love you, precious Joy, and will be following your dance in the days to come. You are a kindred spirit and a friend I treasure most deeply.

I love you.


Joyful said...

Elaine, my dance shoes are feeling quite foreign still, but I know
over time I will work them in. Praying for the re-sizing your
feet are experiencing too. New shoes always take a little adjustment, but our Cobbler has fitted them perfectly for the dance He has prepared for us!

Love you too,

Sita said...

May I dedicate this clip to you as take His proferred Hand to dance...He is the Lord of the Dance...
Love, Sita

Sita said...

oops..forgot the clip (-;

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I think you are doing a wise thing. I feel that I too am spending too much time "visiting" on the computer. I have cut the time back greatly from what it used to be. It's hard to know exactly what we should be doing. It's satisfying when HE lets us know!

God bless you!


Lynn said...

With all of your heart, pursue Him. Pursue your husband. Pursue your son.
It will all be so worth it!
Love you,

Lynn said...

With all of your heart, pursue Him. Pursue your husband. Pursue your son.
It will all be so worth it!
Love you,

Leah said...

I know the feeling, Joy. I have had to back off from reading blogs so much. It just takes a tremendous amount of time that I don't have. So, I am reading about once or twice a week those that really speak to me.

Follow what God is asking of you. You will not be sorry and the time will be so sweet when spent pursuing Him.


Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I have weined my self to blog only twice a week. Like you, just tonight the thought crossed my mind that my blog entries sound like a broken record of the healing I went through and doesn't really move forward from that. I plan to post once a week and post differently-more in praise and awe of our God and then follow Lelia's Bible study (as time allows-there's a lot signed up for this one).
Dance. I have been dancing with my Savior for the last four year and I choose to stay in this dance too!!

Blessings! I will continue to see you!

In His Graces~Pamela

Yolanda said...


My heart is tender towards you more than ever as I know this Dance will become the delight of your very soul. You will find your "joy" like never before, and I for one, would never fault a Sister for opening her arms and hands to feel the touch of The Best Dance Partner....Jesus Christ.

Girlfriend....swirl, twirl, glide, and bow, as God intends for this earthly journey, to further the dance into eternity.

I love YOU!


Cheri Bunch said...

Dear Joy~
Bless you for being sensitive to the heart of the Lord in these matters. So many of us miss our invitation to dance with Him because we drown Him out with so many things. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.
You are a writer! The Lord has asked you to lay your Isaac down, but oh what He will do in the meantime! Obedience brings exciting results, Joy! I can hardly wait to see what happens next!
I was thinking of that song this morning "When the music fades, and all has slipped away, and I simply come. Hoping just to bring something thats of worth that will bless Your heart. I'll bring you more than a song because a song in itself is not what you have required. You search much deeper within to the way things appear.........You're looking into my heart. I'm coming back to the heart of worship........cause its all about You! It's all about you , Jesus. I'm sorry, Lord for the things I've made it when it's all about you! All about you, Jesus!"

I am sure you know that the song was written by a worship leader who laid aside music for a time so that he could truly learn to worship God aside music. The Lord richly blessed! He will be faithful to you as well!

Thank you for praying for our family!
My love to you!

Ang baylis said...

I've thought about dance lessons for a LONG LONG time! Maybe this is the year! Thanks for this post to plant another seed!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

On Purpose said...

Waiting in anticipation to see the great and exciting things He will do with and through you. You are an ecnouragement to me!

Charlene Kidd said...

I am so thankful for your encouragement and your obedience. I know that God will show up in a mighty way to guide you through this incredible journey. I thank you for your prayers yesterday. It was very timely, I am fighting a rather strong cold while still having to travel cross country and work. Your prayers are providing strength. Thanks for always being there.

Tiffany Stuart said...

This is beautiful evidence that God speaks and calls and woos us to come closer and dance with him. I am THRILLED to know God wants you closer to Him. For there, you will find the greatest of gifts. And once a week, readers will benefit from your dance lessons.

God bless you for following hard after Him.

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't commented in a while, but on your other blog you recently talked about sitting under His teaching. It affected me profoundly. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us.
I can't tell you how much your commitment to our Lord has meant to me, and I am sure, others as well.

You are such a blessing. I pray that this time you spend with your family will be a good time, a rewarding time, and that if you do return to blogging more than once a week, that it will be secondary to your family, and secondary to God.

I love you and thank you for all your love and encouragement, and for the way you have spoken so deeply into my life.

God bless you as you continue on this journey.
Love in Him always,

Lelia Chealey said...

God will honor you so much in this Joy. You are a blessing in blog world and in real life.
What a heart of obedience you have to Him.

Make sure to stretch before you meet with Him, I hear He does some amazing steps that only He is capable of leading.


Julie said...

Thanks for your visit today....

I loved reading this. I am a HUGE fan of dancing with Jesus. I think that's why I love the show, "Dancing with the Stars" so much. I love watching women come alive in the dance, week after week....

Anyways there is nothing like the dance of God.
I am there with you. I am glad that you will be here once a week. I too only write on my blog once or at the most twice a week. Sometimes I don't even write once a week. When the Spirit moves, I write.
So there are periods when all is silent on my blog.

I think you will find the beauty emanating as you come to post, having been in His embrace, doing those things that He has called you to do.

Again, thanks for sharing your heart AND your visit with me today.


My Army Brats and Me said...

Thank you for praying for me. The power of prayer is amazing and I thank you.
love cindy