Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Eye of the Storm

Watching the news last evening I was shocked to see the response of some people in regards to Hurricane Ike. Despite warnings and recommendations to head for safety, there were those who voluntarily chose to remain behind and ride out the storm. Grant you, I'm not a 'storm girl', but if the experts are advising evacuation, well, my suitcase would be packed in minutes and I'd be gone. There is no way I would tempt the forecast, baiting it to be proven wrong or wanting to be hailed as a brave survivor. The residents are knowledgeable of the approaching storm, yet they are responding in foolishness. No way would I knowingly place myself in dangers I?

Danger is anything that makes you liable to loss pain or injury. Do I sometimes choose to walk paths of peril? Do words I decide to say cause pain? Do activities I partake in hurt others? I make some dangerous choices every day. I know they aren't God-honouring, yet I carry on regardless, allowing emotions, instead of truth, to guide my way. You may respond, 'At least they are not life threatening', but that's not true. God's Word says that the power of life and death is in the tongue. My destructive words can kill.

I heard a story once of a suicide note that was found. It simply read, "They said...." Apparently this young person could no longer face the cruelty and accusations that tore at her heart in silence. The childhood rhyme is only half true. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names do hurt us. Do not allow your mouth to be a weapon of Satan, leaving a trail of devastation greater than any force of nature.

Temptation lures in many areas, and I succumb. The winds that blow with gale force strength can demolish my character and beat upon the lives of others. A decision to follow Christ down a safe street is abandoned to indulge in a thoroughfare of trouble. Why? Because it feels good? Because I think my actions are justified? Because I have my 'rights'? Because it satisfies some sick sense of self vindication? The results of not heeding the Spirit's prompting can range from personal feelings of guilt and failure, to loss of relationships and disappointing God.

There's another path that results in even greater danger and that is a roadway walked in rebellion. Refusing to acknowledge that God is God. One day at His return it will be too late to change direction. No one knows the day, the hour or the time of Christ's reappearing. Unlike predicting the land fall of severe weather, Christ will come again like a thief in the night. Scripture warns of the gradual, increasing winds of wars and rumour of wars, giving opportunity for decisions to be made now. Those who choose to laugh in the face of approaching apocalypse, not ignorant of the truth, but ignoring it's severity, will find themselves tormented in a state of frantic confusion.

God implores, today, while you hear His voice, respond. (Hebrews 3:7-8) Do not harden your hearts. Do not reply in foolishness, believing you alone will be exempt from devastation. There will come a day when all will be judged, both the living and the dead. (1 Peter 4:5)

When warnings are adhered to, lives are spared. May this be a warning for eternity today. If you are not prepared for the sudden evacuation from earth to heaven, a decision today can change your life forever. Christ is the Eye of the storm. He is the calm in the center of life's chaos. Turn to him today. Like those who remained behind in Texas ignoring wisdom, it is the fool who has said in their heart there is no God (Psalm 14:1).

**Please know that my heart goes out to any who lost life in the wake of Hurricane Ike. It is not my intent to sound calous or insensitive to those who lost friends and family in this storm. Please forgive me if any of my words have sounded harsh and uncaring. I realize there were some who remained behind serving as agents of rescue and protection. I just see a parallel between those who took a risk to stay behind, shown on the news broadcast I watched, laughing in the face of danger and those who are risking eternity by the choices they are making today. My desire is to be an agent of rescue as well.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

"Danger is anything that makes you liable to loss pain or injury."

So much can fall in this category, and it's so true. When known danger stands in our path, we'd be wise to move and to move quickly.

So often I don't, Joy. I see the storm coming, and rather than run for safety, I jump in...mouth first (as often the case), perhaps mind first, and before I know it, I'm caught in a current that quickly can overtake my emotions and my heart.

Thank you for this parallel. It's a good word for me tonight.


Susan said...

Wow, this was just incredible!!

I needed to hear this word tonight,
timely indeed~


Yolanda said...


I just posted as I've been out of town for over a week now, and then I decided to try and catch up. I know that I know after coming here, that the little tidbit God placed on my heart was confirmed with your writing.

I love you so!


Nancy said...

Excellent post. I am so glad I visited. See you again soon!

Lynn Cowell said...

Maybe, like some of the folks there, we think we know what is ok for us without really listening to Authority? I know I do.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Joy,

Initially Ike was forecast to come here (to Florida). Actually, we had 2 very windy/rainy days before it headed west. I had our suitcases practically packed days before we knew where it would hit for I'm with you...we need to use wisdom and waste no time!

Also, I'd like to say thank you for the consistantly uplifting, encouraging comments you leave on my blog. You are so kind and I appreciate your sweet heart!

Terri Tiffany said...

Thank you for this powerful post. Can I say again that I so enjoy your style of writing and I hope you share it more places than on your blog:) Looking forward to more.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Well thought, well written! I agree.....the choices we make will affect not only us, but those around us!

God bless you as you continue to put the blessed Word out to us!


Runner Mom said...

Wonderful post, girlfriend! I love the parallel of Christ being the Eye of the Storm--He is our calming factor--if only we turn to Him. Bless you!

Love you,

Becoming Me said...

Wonderfully profound post.

Kristen said...

I keep thinking of the words of the robot in the old "Lost in Space" episodes... "Warning Will Robinson"

How many times do we see or hear a warning and step off into danger anyway.

Love the parallel... so fitting for the weather of this past weekend.
God Bless

Tracy said...

Such wisdom in your words, Joy and what a striking parallel. Having just experienced this literal storm around us, I hear this today with different ears than had I read it on Saturday. (God's perfect timing...)

I was surprised to read you've felt the effects of the storm all the way into Canada. Wow. Thank you for your kind prayers. We are fine and truly enormously blessed.


Cindy said...

God is the eye of the storm.
Wow, If we could just remember to allow HIM to be our center.
Thank you,

AnooCre8ion said...

Hi Joy, I found your blog from a link at Lelia's and want to say that I thoroughly enjoy reading it. You have a unique style of writing that is very admirable. May God continue to bless the work of your hands.


Kelley said...

AMEN! SO well said Joy. Isn't interesting how we can see those parallels so clearly? Everyday there are people who are laughing in the face of eternal damnation and no matter what the warning sign they refuse to seek the shelter of God's grace. Thanks for the insight today!

Have a wonderful weekend...