Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday Hope

Good Morning bloggy friends!

Experiencing some technical difficulties today, but wanted to let you know I did get a post up on my other blog this morning. You can access it through my side bar - "Pondering in His Presence". It's about the hope the Lord gave me today!

I am leaving for two weeks of vacation today, but I hope to be visiting your blogs and writing when I am able. I also hope to post some pictures of our activites.

If you haven't had opportunity to read my last two posts, "I cried today" and "Hugging the Curb", scroll down and enjoy.

Thanks for your loyal, faithful friendship. You all are a blessing to me! And, those of you who never comment (and yes, I know you're out there...I even know who some of you are...), why don't you leave me a quick 'hello' - I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Keep looking to Him,


Amy L Brooke said...

You may not be the best person to tag, but I don't want to change my post. So, you are being tagged -- even if it is when you get home.

Hope the vacation is great.

swile67 said...

i think it is blogger...i had some problems this morning and yesterday too...but things seem to be fine now! have a great vacation and looking forward to reading more of your ponderings!

Catherine said...'re back up! HAve a wonderful vacation friend! It was so good to see you yesterday and spend the day together! Love you J D! ;o)

Cindy said...

I am new to your blog. Hello~
Have a great vacation.

Julie Gillies said...

It seems like your vacation comes at a providential time, Joy. God certainly knew the timing of all this.

I pray you are refreshed and you enjoy this special time with your family!