Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Holiday Pictures

Greetings from “Up North”.

I am enjoying a wonderful holiday thus far. Thought you might like to have a “taste” of our vacation spot. Our trailer is located on the grounds of Muskoka Bible Conference Center, Canada’s largest Christian conference facilities.

Here are some pics of our trailer: the outside, bedroom, living room, kitchen and sunroom.

I will be back tomorrow to post some pictures of the grounds and facilities here. Wish you were here!


Catherine said...

Looks like a great place! Can I come play?? LOL!! Glad you're having such a good vacation. Sharon said the speakers this week are usual! What a treat to hear so many wonderful speakers!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Oh, I'm relaxing already! I can just feel the pulse of such a pause. Enjoy it, friend. You deserve every moment of rest you can find. And if you find it with Jesus, even better!


Yolanda said...

I'm coming right on over, fix the coffee and grab your bible!

Love ya,

tiggerdaisy said...

I wish I were there, too! :)

Have fun! Be safe!

Prayers and blessings,

Marilyn said...

Oh my! I wish I was there TOO! ha
The trailer is lovely! Especially all the windows! So light and airy looking.

Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home!

God bless you!

Marilyn in Mississippi

Lynn Cowell said...

It looks like a great get away! I do not know where I heard the saying, "To get what you have always wanted, you need to do what you have never done." I know that the Lord is really encouraging me to do that. I used to think I could just pray and then leave the rest to Him. I believe now that there is more of a partnership that needs to take place. We do the work that He calls us to do and He brings the fruit.
Have an incredible trip!

Sita said...

Joy, is this the Baptist Conference Centre next to Pioneer Camp? We went there for Victoria Day weekend a long time ago. It is lovely. Love the trailer. More than that, being so close to nature always refreshes mind, body and soul. For me, seeing the beauty of His creation automatically summons me into His Presence without the 'noise' of the city around me. I miss not being able to do that anymore. May God refresh all those places that need His touch in the lives of your whole family.
Love, Sita

hkudla said...

oh Joy,
I am so glad that you are having such a great vacation.

I have to tell you, i posted some about the beth moore convention, and some things that happened in counseling yesterday...
all i have to say, even this morning with little sleep last night, God is so good!

check this out if you have teh chance...
Love you!!!

Melissa said...


I'm so glad to finally know what your "up north" spot looks like. And I want to come too!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see pics of the grounds.

Enjoy your 'holiday'! You deserve it:)

Love you,