Saturday, June 14, 2008

Martian Child

I just finished crying my eyes out over a movie that my husband and son both tolerated for the sake of their mother. I don't tend to frequent the theatre, as rarely anything invokes enough passion in me to actually go to the cinema. I rented this film today, but I'm so glad I did. Have any of you seen "Martian Child"?

I hate it when people give away the entire plot, so I won't, but this storyline touched me deeply. The idea of this little boy who didn't fit in to everyone's 'norm'. He wasn't like everyone else. He didn't do things like everyone else. He didn't talk like everyone else. His actions were critized. Judged. He was the target of ridicule. Cruelty. Mean kids. He was ostracized from activities. He wasn't accepted. He was "different". Yet, inside he was just a child longing to be loved. He wanted someone to hold him, believe in him, and find him.

It reminded me of another favourite movie, "August Rush". A similar tale of a young boy who desperately wanted to be 'found'. Music touches deep inner places of the soul. There were parts of this movie where I could barely breathe as it whispered so many unspoken cries of my heart. When the young boy played the music that was inside him, his entire face shone...when he was who he was created to be...his life was the most beautiful melody. Other people might find the movie boring...but it reached in and grabbed me. Wish I could remember all the lines. I was crying at the end...not because it has a sad ending...but crying for the longing to be 'found' like the little boy is found.

I've always been viewed as "different". Not in a weird way...but different. As a child of older parents who grew up in an era when girls always wore dresses, I was never allowed to wear slacks to school and I didn't own a pair of jeans until I was well into my teens. Not conforming to the "acceptable" dress code tends to automatically make you noticeable - and not in a good way. Add into the mix the fact that I didn't swear, I didn't smoke, I didn't drink, I didn't attend school dances, I went to church, I bowed my head in the cafeteria to ask a blessing every lunch hour, I actually did my homework, arrived at school on time, paid attention in class...and did I already mention I always wore dresses? I guess you'd have to assume I was asking for trouble.

Being different is not a good thing. All of us are suppose to be like the rest of us. "Don't make a scene". Look the part. Adapt to the role. Don't rock the boat. Conventional behavior. Similarity. Blend. Become. But, in all this sameness you actually grow to be invisible. You might look right or suitable in appearance, but you are only going through motions to satisfy everyone else. You cease to truly be.

Is it any wonder we have something inside us that calls for us to be distinct? God's Word tells us that we are a "peculiar people", 1 Peter 2:9. That doesn't mean we dress weird, but our action and character should be strange to this world. We are unique, special, out of the ordinary because we are not of this world. We are, if you will, "Martian children". This is not our home. One day we will no longer be strangers, but fellow citizens with the saints in the household of God, Ephesians 2:19.

Dennis, the little boy in "Martian Child" was diligent in watching and waiting for his father to return and take him home. My Father is going to return one day and take me home. Am I watching with the same enthusiasm and expectation? Do I long for His reappearing?

I'm glad my heart always has a "lost feeling" and an ache to be found. I am an alien in this life because I am not home yet. My citizenship is in heaven. Some days it's hard not fitting the mold and measuring up to everyone elses expectations, but that pain only deepens my desire for my eternal home.

In the movie, "Martian Child" a question is posed: "Why can't you just be who we want you to be?" Why? Because I am a one-of-a-kind, Designer Original, with specific gifts, talents, thoughts, dreams, passions, abilities and feelings and the God of the entire Universe wants me to enjoy who HE created me to be!

Enjoy the uniquenss of you today! Whatever crazy thing you do that is truly you, embrace it. God's smiling at you right now!


Sheryl said...

wow, joy, that was terrific. i have not seen the movie, but i'm afraid it might bring out the ugly cry. i was always different too, but for other reasons. curly hair, early development, dad that died, etc. i always longed to fit in and be chosen. thing is, i have been chosen. by the king of kings. isn't that great? thanks for the reminder.


Sita said...

Never even heard of the movie but I am sure it will touch the chord of my deep-seated 'unbelonging'...I have accepted the fact that I will never 'belong'...I am and have been 'different' whereever God has placed me..and I am just journeying to my real home where I am a citizen--heaven...for I belong to Jesus and Jesus belongs to write so beautifully!

Marilyn said...

Oh my goodness my dear Joy! How I could relate to this today! I, too, am one of the ones who has always been the "different" one it seems. Or at least I felt that way. But maybe everyone feels like that at some time or another. Maybe the person who made my life miserable in grammar school by calling me "Banana Nose" was actually doing that because he had some kind of insecurity or felt like he was "different" himself . I stopped wearing slacks out in public several years ago because of personal convictions. It just wasn't right for me personally. I sometimes have people get downright mad at me for having on a dress. Why would that matter with them what I have on if I'm dressed modestly?
I guess it just has something to do with the fact that we are God's "peculiar" people and we're always going to be different down here on this earth.
Thanks so much for sharing this with us Joy!

Your friend in MS,

Catherine said...

LOL! Just skipped reading this post but will come back to it once I've watched the movie. If you like it you know I'll like it too! :o) 'Good ones' are few and far glad you enjoyed this one. May try to rent it while I'm out west this week and then I'll come back and check out what you posted.

Love you friend. xoxo

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm glad that you don't march to the beat of man's expectations. Just be His Joy. Having said that...

are you leaving the Little House on the Prarie Dresses at home this weekend? Just asking...


tiggerdaisy said...

A little known fact: I was voted Most Unique my senior year.

Embracing my uniqueness today!

Prayers and Blessings!

p.s. I cried my eyes out watching this movie, too. There are big lessons to be learned from that movie.

Daughter of Annie said...

This move was just beautiful - one of my favorites......

Enjoy your day..

Lelia Chealey said...

That was so good Joy!!
Can hardly wait to meet you this weekend. I will be praying over you as you get on that plane. Can you email me the times of your flight in my time..central time? Kelley of Aroma of Joy & I are flying together and I'd love for us to be praying specifics over you. :)
Love you Joy!

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Joy-I have walked in your shoes. I had a strict up-bringing. I didn't waer jeans until I moved out of my arents home. I didn't go to movies unless grandma snuck me to one. I haven't seen either ofthe moview you mentioned but they sound good. I struggle with my girls being in the world but not of it. I am much more relaxed (so are my parents now). It's a tough world today but our testimony is so important.

Can't wait to meet you!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Yolanda said...

I appreciated the question/thought you posed and provoked towards the be who God designed us to be, instead of what others want us to be. He chose us, just like we are, so may we allow Him to grow us into His image, a little bit, every day.

Love ya,

PS: All of you going to the She Speaks this weekend, are about to cause me to flip out....I so wish I was going simply, to meet up and chat with my Siesta's!!!!