Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Gift of Music ***UPDATED***

"Whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him." I Samuel 16:23

Something so precious happened yesterday afternoon that I must share it with you. Halfway through my day, my doorbell rang, and "David " arrived, not with harp, but another stringed instrument was played. My friend Carol came with a priceless treasure...her gifts and herself.

I sat in a rocking chair positioned in front of my piano, eyes closed, as she began to play worship music that lifted my heart from it's terrified prison of fear to heights of freedom. She sang songs about God as my refuge. She tenderly sang of my life being held in His arms of love. She encouraged me with a simple word of hope and a gentle word of grace. She reminded me through song, that God did not despise a broken spirit and contrite heart. Her voice rang with the promise that God is a shield about me and the lifter of my "plane". The notes crescendoed to the truth that God is real and faith is stronger than what you feel. He is all the power I need.

It is said that music calms the savage beast. Martin Luther writes, "Music is a gift and largess of God, not a gift of men. Music drives away the devil and makes people happy; it induces one to forget all wrath, unchastity, arrogance, and other vices. After theology I accord to music the highest place and the greatest honour. We note that David and all the saints used verse, rhymes and songs to express their godly thoughts." Music is most often the way the Lord speaks His deepest Words to me.

I have never received such a gift. She was willing to fight any doubts or insecurities and share what the Lord had placed on her heart to minister to me. It was the most beautiful act of Christ-likeness I have ever witnessed or been blessed to receive. The gnawing ache in the centre of my stomach has abated. The Lord has regained His rightful place on the throne in my life and my heart is filled with overflowing gratitude and praises to the One who holds all my days in His hands.

Carol, sometimes silences speak louder than words. I pray in some small way the Lord will give you a glimpse of what your friendship means to me and how God used you mightily yesterday to calm my heart and bring me His peace. You are dearly loved my friend.

In the orchestra of life we all have been given instruments to play for His honour and glory. Play on!

Humbled by His amazing goodness to me,


After reading Lysa's blog today, thought I'd add a picture of my new look after coming home from the stylists! I might have some traces of fear on the inside, but my hairdresser said I'm looking good on the outside! HAHA!!!


Sita said...

Awesome...we should all have "Carols" in our lives...

Joyful said...

I agree with you 100% Sita. I have been blessed beyond measure.

Zoe said...

Thanks for your post. Sorry I won't be at the airport to greet you with an arrival party, but find me at the hotel and we'll rejoice together.

See you Friday,

Catherine said...

Carol is a treasured friend for sure. So thankful that she shared the hands and feet...and voice of Jesus with you yesterday. What a precious gift!

Praying for you sweet friend.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful gift Carol is/was to you yesterday!

Marilyn said...

What a blessing to read about this gift from Carol to you! It just melted my heart! Oh that God would allow me to be such a friend to others as Carol is. I pray that He will.

Still praying for you Joy. I'm thinking you're feeling more excitement now than just pure raw fear......God is good!


grey like snuffie said...

God led me back to you just now! praying that He will continue to water what He has planted!

Catherine said...

WOW Joy...that was beautiful....I can picture you being transported into HIS presence and HIS peace..
Carol has a most beautiful way of drawing us all into a worship experience with her gift of music.
Keep singing Joy.
Love ya
oh yes...I did call you twice yesterday OOPS....I forgot!!!

Catherine said...

OK this is really wierd ..that last blog was from ME....Sis....but Catherine computer assumed it was her...and so this one will say the same.....TOO FUNNY....gotta get back to work......

tiggerdaisy said...

Oh, Joy! WOW! God can be so good to His children through other people! I am rejoicing with you in your blessing!

Prayers and Blessings!

hkudla said...

May God continue to use friends like that in your life.
And may we all be open to what gifts of ours God will use to help others.
Your words and transparency has helped me more than you will ever know... even in your fear.
Praying for you my friend...
Love Heather

Sheryl said...

First of all, let's get the important stuff out of the are "lookin' good"!!

We all should have friends like that. You are so blessed. She obviously loves you a lot. I'm glad you're feeling better about going. Still can't wait to hear.


Catherine said...

Great pic Joybells!! You look mahhhvelous!!

(And's really me this time! :o)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You cute thing! How will I ever get any attention with you standing close by? Seriously, I loved you quote from Luther. Music has a powerful pull and moves me to places I wouldn't go otherwise.

See you tomorrow!


Yolanda said...

BEAUTIFUL.....and I love that smile...not a trace of fear!

Michelle said...

You look great Joy!! And you look excited not fearful!!

Tracy said...

You look great! = )

What a gift you have in Carol...truly a precious blessing!

Looking forward to hearing about "She Speaks" when you return!

Marilyn said...

Your hairdresser was right., look great!


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Joy!
The new "do" is darling! Lysa maybe starting a new daring haircut trend!!

I'm visiting your blog from Leliah's blog. I am going to the conference as well, and I am seeing how God is opening so many doors for the women who will be attending. He is just so awesome!!

The first time I flew, I was scared to death. cousin made me focus on reading maps and other handouts about where we were going. All of a sudden, I got my mind off of my fear and refocused on what was important at the moment. You can do the same thing, girlfriend!! Open that Bible and just start reading, reading, reading until you land in Charlotte!If you let me know the time of your flight, I'll be honored to pray for you while you're flying! YOu can do this--God is your pilot and in control. He wants you at She Speaks so much!!! So do we!!!

Enjoy the rest of you day, and we'll see you tomorrow! Whoo-hoo!!


tiggerdaisy said...


Your smile says it all! Keep the faith and the peace girl!


Joyful said...

Actually...I am a natural redhead. Closer to an auburn, but red. The blond highlights are an extra - but the colour is close to the original.

Karey said...

I believe that just like when Moses couldn't hold his arms up any longer during the battle and Aaron and Joshua (I think) held his arms up God provides others to hold our arms up when we aren't able to believe. Thank you God for providing once again for yours! Be with our sister in what you have called her to!!!!!!!!! Go before her and minister.

Thankful said...

OK RED this is it!!!! LOL...your hair does look lovely...and yes its like the original...MANY YEARS AGO!!!! YOU are now REBA!!!! Do you sing too LOL...
Ok sis..MY HEART IS WITH YOU and you ARE going to be fine....Just imagine the conversation you are going to have with the person who sits by you...and they say ...what are you reading!!!....and you say...31 pages of emails of encouragement from my friends about how good God is and how HE planned this out for you....I think you should be ready to give your BIBLE away!!!!! just like Lori Salerno!!...I am SO praying for you because I DO know how you feel its GONNA BE OK and we're going to have a praise party when you and I get home...Love you lots..Sis

valerie said...

What a precious gift.
Love the haircut!