Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Well....it only took me half an hour to figure out how to create a 'blog' and now I'm wondering why I did this? Is it because it's the 'in thing' and everyone is talking about their personal blogs? Is it because I actually might have something to ever say? Is it to find a channel to express myself freely and wonder if anyone, anywhere would ever care what I think? Now that it's set-up, I find myself speechless...... Well, at least I'm ready for when the most brilliant of thoughts come to me.... If that's my criteria, ...I'm wondering if there will ever be another post here at all ???


Carol said...

Way to go!!! YAY!!! I'll care what you write... but even if no one reads it, it will be cathartic for you! Be free!!!


S. M. Duncan said...

Your blog has been a blessing to me. Keep up the good writing.