Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wendy's Video Summary - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Wendy can’t believe it is already Wednesday. Time goes by so quickly.

Wendy’s heart is so very tender to those who have left prayer requests about husband’s who are not saved, or husband’s who are not walking with the Lord. Wendy knows that there must be someone who has collected all your names and she would love to have all those names. The names of the ladies as well as the names of the husbands. If you have that list could you send her an e-mail. She would just love to have those names and pray for those husbands and intercede on your behalf. Wendy’s husband’s name is Scott and he is walking with the Lord. He has struggles himself and she would love it if you would pray for her husband as well.

As Wendy read through today’s reading for the second time, she felt this presence of the Lord asking her to reverse some of the things Job was saying and apply them to our lives. Job was asking questions about himself and what he has or has not done. Wendy jotted the questions down in her Bible.

The verse that really caught Wendy’s attention today was Job 31:4, “Doesn’t he see everything I do and every step I take?” She underlined that and emphasized it in her journal. Everything and every step. Job is questioning didn’t God see all these things? Job asks, “Have I lied to anyone or deceived anyone?” God is telling us there to be honest with our relationships. Don’t be a deceiver. “Let God weigh me on the scales of justice, for he knows my integrity.” Don’t seek revenge or justice on your own, let God do that on your behalf. He does that so much better than we do.

The next few verses from 7-9 that talk about straying away, encourage us to keep our passions pure. Let’s keep our eyes and hearts focused on pure and not impure. Pay attention to what we’re reading, watching, and looking at, guarding our hearts and eyes so that we’re not pulled down in that direction.

Also then, down in verse 13, “If I have been unfair to my male or female servants when they brought their complaints to me, how could I face God?” Treat others fairly as you would like to be treated, even if they're not treating you kindly. Kill them with kindness. Be fair with people.

Verse 15 says, “For God created both me and my servants. He created us both in the womb.” Don’t think more highly of yourself than you really are. We all put our pants on the same way. Don’t get too big for your britches. We’re all created the same way.

Then in verses 16-20 he talks about the widows and orphans and how he cared for them. Wendy thinks the Lord wants us to see that He wants us to care for the widow, orphans, homeless and the poor. This is a great foreshadowing of the New Testament where we are still taught to care for those in need.

In verses 24-25 it asks, “Have I put my trust in money or felt secure because of my gold? Have I gloated about my wealth and all that I own?” Let’s not be proud of our money or material possessions. Let’s not put our trust and faith in those things because they are going to fade. The only thing that doesn’t fade is the Word of God and God Himself. We have to watch where we’re putting our faith and our treasure.

Then verses 26-27, “Have I looked at the sun shining in the skies, or the moon walking down its silver pathway, and been secretly enticed in my heart to throw kisses at them in worship?” We’ve got one God that we’re suppose to be worshipping. Let’s make sure it’s not money, wealth, material possessions, another person or education, but that it is the One and only God.

Verse 29, “Have I every rejoiced when disaster struck my enemies, or become excited when harm came their way?” Wendy has to confess that there have been times when’s she’s been excited that somebody got there’s, but we’re not suppose to rejoice when others suffer, even people who we felt deserve it. We’ve got to be careful with our reactions. God doesn’t want us to react in that way.

Then skipping down to verses 33 and 34, “Have I tried to hide my sins like other people do, concealing my guilt in my heart? Have I feared the crowd or the contempt of the masses, so that I kept quiet and stayed indoors?” We need to be open and honest with ourselves and our sin. If we have sinned against a brother we need to confess that. If we have sinned against God we need to confess that.

What great little nuggets sprinkled between verses 8-34. Wendy is going to pray that we take these truths and apply them to our lives. How much easier our lives would be if we applied these simple truths.

Thanks for listening today and Wendy hopes you have a great Wednesday. We have two more videos this week and then an Open Blog weekend. It’s wonderful to meet with you today and she’ll see us tomorrow.

(All thoughts transcribed from Wendy's blog to aid those whose computers are not capatible to view these videos.)

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