Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wendy's Video Summary - Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Wendy begins by telling us she is taping this video in Renee Swope’s office. She has just dropped her children off at the church and she’s using the time to record today’s session.

She was surprised that the reading took longer than usual. She is so thankful for everyone’s comments. She is learning so much from all of you.

She wants to make sure that everyone has seen the two new names for God, El Roi and El Shaddai. Today we meet God as Eternal God, in Genesis 21:33. Eternal God is El Olam, forever God. We also see God as Yahweh-Yireh, the Lord will provide, Genesis 22:14. She encourages us to keep track of the names of God. She said to pray in the name of God. There’s power in praying this way. Wendy is glad we’re taking on the concerns of others and praying for each others needs. Let’s put power behind our prayers.

Wendy wanted to camp out on the Abraham story, but God would not let her do that. There was a verse that would not let her go - Genesis 11:32, “Terah lived for 205 years and died while still in Haran.”

If you remember, Terah was Abraham’s father. Terah took his family on a journey and they stopped in Haran and God blessed their family there and they acquired a lot of wealth there. But if you recall, on that particular day of our reading, Nathan (the only male Chronological Bible follower brave enough to comment) made a comment that taught Wendy something. He said “Haran” means “crossroads”. Terah died in the crossroads.

Wendy’s heart skipped a beat. She doesn’t want to die in the crossroads. She wants to be progressing and moving towards the Lord. She wants to be moving by being in His Word. He wants to be moving by loving His people. He wants to be moving by giving and caring for His people. She wants to be going on. How sad. Terah died in the crossroads.

Several years ago she had the opportunity to make a choice. She stopped somewhere. She stopped in her relationship with the Lord. She was at a crossroads. She felt the Lord calling her closer to Him. She had just completed two in depth Bible studies and was getting into the Word a little bit more and learning more. She had friends praying for her and she felt the Lord beckoning her to come. For circumstances she’s choosing not to share now, she chose not to come. Now, she didn’t stop going to church. She didn’t stop singing in the choir. She didn’t stop doing all the right things, but she didn’t answer His call. Her life was blessed in the crossroads and after two years of infertility she became pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. Her husband and she built a home in White Forest, North Carolina. In the crossroads they moved back to Charlotte where their family lives. Her husband owns his own business now. In the crossroads God took care of her. In the crossroads she did the right thing. In the crossroads the Lord never forgot her. But then one day about ten years ago, the Lord called her again, and this time she didn’t stay in Haran. She moved and she’s been moving ever since and it’s the best decision she’s ever made.

She thought her life was blessed in the crossroads, “but girls I’m telling you what, I am living in the Promised Land.” We can find it here in Scripture. In not so many pages away, we’re going to get there, but her prayer is that everybody within the sound of her voice and anyone who hears her teach ever, finds their crossroads, identifies them, and moves on to their Promised Land while here on earth because that is God’s intention. His intention is to give you a full and abundant life (John 10:10). Wendy’s prayer is that you would live that full and abundant life right here on earth because that’s God’s plan for you.

“Y’all have a great day!”

(All thoughts transcribed from Wendy's blog to aid those whose computers are not capatible to view these videos.)

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Thanks for all the time and effort you make to write Wendy's video summary. I often come by your blog to look for a point I might have missed. I'm a slow writer:)

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