Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He sees

As I've been reading some blogs recently and listening to the concerns and burdens of some friends, my heart has been heavy. I have one friend in particular who seems to be taking hit after hit. She has become life's punching bag and every time she tries to stand another blow sends her flying and it's hard knock after hard knock. Attacks from gloved fists seem to be stealing her air to even breathe.

Cliche, pat answers and scriptures seem hard to give and even tougher to receive. She knows every Bible passage that comes to mind at these times. The knowing is not the difficulty. Finding the truth in them is the struggle when circumstances attempt to hide their validity. When every day just waking up is the victory even though another day brings bigger challenges and the blankets present a better invitation than the hours stretching ahead.

Right now, no matter which direction she faces, the world looks bleak. She is a survivor sitting among the ruins. Storms have brought devastation and the winds are still blowing. I wrote to her today and told her how I wish I could wisk her away for 24 hours where life couldn't touch her...where she could forget every concern and burden that is pressing in on her heart. I know it wouldn't change her circumstances, but just briefly she could remember what was and what is to come instead of what is.

There are no words as I watch her pain. I know God is able and I'm praying that He will show Himself mighty. Sweet friend, if and when you read this know that I'm on the mat wrestling for you. May this song minister to your heart.

"A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out." Isaiah 42:3

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Beth E. said...

Unfortunately, our family knows all too well the devastating blows that can hit, one after another.

We have been through extremely difficult circumstances over the past several years. Sometimes it seemed as if we were fighting and clawing our way to the surface for air, only to have the waves come crashing over us again.

Our lives are calming down once more, and are praying for some time to recover and regroup. God is faithful, and He has been with us through it all. We wouldn't have survived, otherwise!

I tell you all of the above to say this...Keep praying, keep encouraging, keep sending your friend the Bible verses.

My husband and I have come across many verses that have ministered to us during years of emotional, physical, and spiritual pain...I was familiar with the verses, had read them many times before, and yet those words would speak to me as they never had before and were specifically for the situation I was going through!

I began to write favorite verses on index cards, put a rubber band around them, and keep them in my purse. When a situation or emotion would arise, I could reach for those cards wherever I was. It was very soothing, and helped so much to have those particular verses of encouragement and hope instantly at my fingertips. Even now, I add to my collection when a particular verse blesses me.

What a wonderful servant of the Lord you are, Joy, to minister to your friend in such a loving way. Please know that I am praying for her.


Runner Mom said...

Oh, Joy! Bless her sweet heart! I can imagine how frustrated she must be. I thank you for being there for her--to intercede in prayer and in love. I will be praying for her. I have a friend who is also going through a difficult time right now. I am going to send her your way to read this post and view this powerful song! THank you for all that you do! You are preciousin His sight!
Love you!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You are right it is so hard to know what to say. I know being in some trials myself, I am now even more cautious of what I say even when giving encouragement. I've learned we should never tell someone "you need to...". We can't say what they need to do. I learned that recently as I read a devo about healing. It is so true...if someone would say that to me...I think it would be discouragement instead of encouragement. It is so hard to know what to do or feel either in the rough waves or on shore watching a friend battle the waves. We really can only trust God and just swim the best we can relying on Him to give us rest. There really is no answer. I don't even have any answers for myself in trying what I can "do" to make me feel better...Most of the time it's all about being patient, waiting it out, allow His time and work to be done. We can't come close to doing what only He can do in our rough waves. Only He can calm the storms or calm us.

Luann said...

You brighten any day. I know your friend is blessed to have you on the mat. Your comments and prayers serve as a healing balm to many.

Keep fighting the good fight for all those who are weak.

Love you always,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a great friend you are Joy! It's truly a JOY to read how you seek to serve the Lord by serving others! You have a true servant's heart!

So glad I know you....and the Saviour Who makes you so sweet!


Sita said...

Hi Joy,
I can relate with the 'bombardment' when one is already down. It speaks of the vile hatred Satan has for God's own. It also speaks of a sovereign God all who is allowing the arrows..but not without a knowledge and understanding that defies our understanding.
Yesterday I discovered an amazing blog ans she wrote a post called "The Job Crucible" today..check it out..

Continue to cover your friend in prayer--she is blessed to have you--do not lose heart as you see her pain--He knows, He loves...

Julie said...

I've been there too, different circumstances, but overwhelming all the same. I used to say that I had felt like the state of Florida in 2004, when one hurricane after another hit the shore. There was one what came into land, hit, went out to sea grew stronger and then came back to hit the area again.

I wondered if I would make it through without drowning. There were so many times I wanted to give up.... But God.... He came for me. When I couldn't hold on any longer I was still in His grasp.

It was an intense time in my life, but because of it, I will never be the same.

Yolanda said...


I have tears treaming as you are being exactly what my latest post is all about. You so GET IT! And God is using you to speak into my heart with a lovely testimony and visiual.

I love you Sister, I love you, I love you. What a sweet fragrance!!!

Lovingly reaching for Higher Grounds,

Julie Gillies said...

I can certainly identify with your friend, Joy, having been bombarded for so long now. And I SO appreciate your unwillingness to placate with pat answers. Just listening and hearing her heart and praying are 2 of the most valuable things any friend can offer.

May the Lord strenghten those in His body who are walking through great times of adversity.

Leah said...

How very important it is to support and love on someone going through such a time. She is a blessed woman to have you as a friend!! I know that you are praying her and loving her through this time. God bless you, Joy!!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh Joy.......what a beautiful post. My heart aches for many, many people right now too. ANd it is hard to "know what to say". But what great thoughts these were, and I want to encourage you too, to keep on encouraging!! =)

lisasmith said...

I'll be praying for your friend...