Friday, September 05, 2008

Blessed Interruption

"What must I do to be saved".

Acts 16: 30b

It was very early in the morning. My husband had just left for work and I was sitting on the bed, Bible open before me, journal resting on my lap, pen in my hand.

Suddenly the scamper of little feet drew my attention away from the peaceful shroud of silence. I must admit to momentary feelings of frustration as I realized my coveted time in His presence was about to end. Looking towards our bedroom door, the sweetest, little cherub appeared and entered our room. At three years of age it was still a challenge to crawl up on our big bed, but he managed it without too much difficulty, as one accustomed to this daily routine.

Before I could even say 'Good morning' or draw him into my arms for a cuddle and embrace, he looked up at me quite seriously and asked, "Mommy, how do I ask Jesus into my heart?"

So many thoughts instantly and simultaneously invaded my mind. 'Where did that come from?' 'Did he have a dream that provoked this question?' 'Was there a Sunday School lesson that had preceded his inquiry?' 'Oh my goodness Lord, he wants to ask You into his heart. He's only three years old'. 'Father, help me explain salvation in a way he can understand'.

With God guiding me, and my precious little boy beside me, we bowed our heads and prayed a simple prayer of confession and invitation. I will never forget that moment.

Today, thirteen years later, we celebrate my son's decision. He was 'Christopher' then, but he's 'Chris' now. His spiritual birthday is a highlight each year, complete with a special dinner (tonight it is Chinese food), birthday cake and a small gift of remembrance. Sincerely the scripture is true - there is no greater joy than to know that our children walk with God.

As I've pondered those memories today, my thoughts are captured with several wonders.

I wonder...what if I had asked my son to come back later, after I finished my 'quiet time'. Would his desire have waned? Would I have missed that priceless opportunity of witnessing God tugging at a child's heart? What if I had sent him away, not wanting to be interrupted? How often in our quest for holiness do we miss the holy?

Christ's life was not without interruption. On many occasions He was detained or presumed upon by those who were unafraid to approach Him. Those with whom His spirit found entrance and they responded. Their need was greater than their trembling and their nerve stronger than their trepidation.

There was the woman who washed the feet of Jesus with her hair, pausing a meal to feed and nourish her soul. There was the man who was lowered down through the roof, disturbing a sermon for the sake of a message in healing. A woman who reached out believing a touch of the hem of Christ's garment would see faith honoured and rewarded. A father's earnest request on the roadside for his dying daughter that paved the way for resurrection. The adulterous, unharmed by stones, forgiven at the feet of the Solid Rock.

Interruptions. Some are demanding. Some a delight. All are divine. Some I receive, others I initiate. All fall under God's control. He is not caught unaware or surprised. Each phone call, each knock on the door, each diagnosis, each invitation, each casual encounter orchestrated by a God who views interruptions as intentional opportunities to grow in Him and share His love.

Rejoicing today that a blessed interruption changed a life for eternity. Love and hugs to my son, Chris, today!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a wonderful post with such precious memories! Happy Spiritual Birthday Chris! It was 30 years ago on September 3, 1978, that I became a Christian. And I've never been the same since then! Praise the Lord for salvation!

Thanks for sharing this with us Joy!


Runner Mom said...

Oh, Joy! This is so beautiful! I don't know the exact days that my boys became Christians...think that would be a great topic of conversation at supper tonight! Do tell him "Happy Spriritual Birthday!!" for me.

Those interruptions...oh, my word! Some days, I feel as though I get nothing accompl;ished on my to-do list beacuse of them. Then, I think that maybe God had a better plan, a much better to-do list than I ever could have imagined.

Have a wonderful weekend, girlfriend! Love your new "do!" Oh, and those Bobby Sherman songs----yes!! I loved them! Did you have the little 45's to play on your record player too??? :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!! Definite reason to celebrate!

And on this special day, Joy, you won a prize on my beautiful blog. Yeah!


You go girl, You are stylin and profilin!

Love you,

Catherine said...

Wasn't he 3 just yesterday?? Oh how I remember that adorable little face with round cheeks and curls of blonde adorning his head. (Sorry Chris if you read this and Auntie Cathy embarassed you but oh how I remember those times! You have a special place in my heart and forever will. Love you bud!)

Joy, what a wonderful reminder that God's timing is always perfect. The things that happen and come our way possibly when we least expect them or, plan on them as they can initially be considered interruptions, can be blessings in disguise. Thank you for this more precious reminder.

Have a great day of celebration friend!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Powerful witness. Superb writing, my friend.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Thank you for the reminder that interruptions are sometimes Heaven sent! blessings, marlene

Beth said...

Wonderful post, Joy. My teenager gets baptized this coming week, so your message really hits home right now!

Kelley said...

Please Lord don't let me miss the "divine appointments" you have for me today. I need to remember to pray these words every morning. What a different world it would be if we looked at the interruptions in our lives as "blessed". Also, I really enjoyed reading about your tender moment with your son, what a great memory. Thanks for your beautiful insight today. And by the way, I love your new hair do!!

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I'm not good at interruptions but you are right...some are such divine blessings!!

Beautiful post friend!

In His Graces~Pamela

Julie Gillies said...

Oh, my archnemisis - the interruption. As a writer I crave uninterrupted time. Rarely do I welcome it as you did that special morning. Lord, HELP me!

Beautiful post, Joy!

Melinda said...

Precious memory, precious words.

I've heard it taught that the real crux of our ministry is is found in the interruptions of life. The crises, certainly, and even some triumphs are, many times, a surprise. They interrupt our best-laid plans, and how we respond to them can lead us - or others - on the road to Glory or, just down a road.

Thanks for sharing this triumph with us!


Cindy said...

What a very special day.
Thank God for life's interruptions.
Blessings, Cindy

Mari said...

How precious! Three years old? What a blessing. I love the idea of a spiritual birthday. I'll have to think back to those dates. I'd love to adopt thsi practice!

I don't do so great with interruptions. For me it is a pride thing. You know, "I want to get done with what I'm doing and don't be interrupting me!" But God is washing that stain right out of my heart. It's taking some scrubbing. Thanks for the reminder. I know I definitely need it.

Jill said...

What a great story and thanks for sharing the wonderful reminder. The perspective is great, it's not about our plans, but His. So when He interrupts, even when it's our 3 year old, we need to pay attention. Trust me with a 5, 3 and 1 year old I need that reminder all too often.

Terri Tiffany said...