Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bouquets of His Love

"I Found Joy in a BIG God" Part Eight

Having a blog has opened up a whole new world to me. My friend Carol was the one who encouraged me 3 years ago to begin sharing my thoughts and life through this avenue of writing and I'm so thankful that she did. I never could have imagined the friendships and connections that have developed as I've poured my heart out, unchecked, sitting at my computer in the comfort of my own home.

That's why the first event at the "She Speaks" conference filled me with excitement. A "Blogger's Reception" was hosted for those of us who have connected through cyber space.

I was thrilled and delighted to meet Lynn. She and I are fairly new friends. She is a speaker and writer and has an amazing ministry with teenage girls. She has God sized dreams and is following and trusting His leading. She has been such an encouragement to me. Just two days ago Lynn sent me an e-mail inquiring how she could be praying for me right now. That's friendship!

Lelia, led a study I participated in on-line. Every Tuesday I would share my respone to Lysa TerKeurst's book, "What Happens When Women Say 'Yes' to God". It was great to meet my faithful leader face-to-face.

Another member of that book study was Pamela. We were able to share a lovely visit Saturday afternoon. Her sweet and quiet ways blessed me abundantly.

Susan was a surprise friend. While I was waiting in the lobby of the hotel Friday afternoon, this lovely girl approached me and sweetly asked, "Are you Joy?" She then explained that she was aware of how nervous I had been to fly from Canada to North Carolina on my own and she had been praying for me throughout her entire drive to the Conference! It was so wonderful to be able to share with her all that God had done. She was such a special blessing.

Last, but not least, my Kansas friend Kelley. Kelley was the first new blog friend I met across my computer screen. I would have loved the opportunity to have spent more time with her. We had been e-mailing almost daily prior to the conference, trying to hold each other accountable in certain areas of our life. So often her messages to me were, and still are, just what the Doctor ordered as she points my heart to the Great Physician.

Before closing today I must share a God-story that happened while attending this bloggy gathering. When speaking with Lynn, a gal approached us. I assumed she knew Lynn as I didn't recognize her at all. We turned to say 'hello' and she reached into a bag and handed me a single daisy in a small, glass vase. I was stunned. Why, out of all the women in this room, was I receiving a daisy? I asked her if she knew that daisies were my favourite flower and she said, 'No'. She quickly walked away and I was left standing there in awe.

You see, I call daisies God's "I love you" flower. If you've been visiting my blog for any length of time, you know that this blog design, (a gift from my sweet friend Kelley) reflects the knowledge that God loves me. With God it is never, "He loves me, He loves me not", but always, "He loves me, He loves me, he loves me..."

God was delivering me His personal message of love. I had stepped out in faith and obedience and followed Him to North Carolina and He was showing and proclaiming His love for me.

Know today that He has a bouquet of love for you. If you happen to see a daisy today, linger in His presence and promise knowing God is saying, "I love you".

(Be sure to visit my other blog "Pondering in His Presence" to see the amazing truth God was teaching me this morning!)


Leah said...

Sounds like you made lots of face/name connections at She Speaks!! How fun!! I'm headed to a Beth Moore event in San Antonio at the end of August and will be able to do that same thing. Looking so forward to it!!


Julie Gillies said...


I was at that blogger's reception so I'm certain that we must have rubbed shoulders! :)Wasn't it wonderful to meet people?

You sure had some God connections and wonderful God moments at She Speaks. I love your daisy moment!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Joy!
Loved the post!! You are soooo sweet and such a blessing! I just wish that you lived a little bit closer!! I hope that your day is filled with smiles and lots of daisies!!

Love ya, Susan
PS-Thanks for the prayers for my hubby. He made it home safely from your neck of the woods last night :).

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Yet another story of God's tremendous blessings on your life and wonderful tributes to many women.

Lelia Chealey said...

Your name fits you so perfectly!! That was so much fun meeting you this summer. I can't wait to see where God takes you. Thank you for this special surprise! :)
Love ya,

Tracy said...

It's precious to hear you are still basking in the Lord's glow from She Speaks. So many wonderful relationships! That moment with the daisy was REALLY amazing.


Marilyn said...

I have so much enjoyed you putting faces to names and having the link to their blogs on your post Joy! I have gone to each of their blogs and read a little. They all sound delightful. Thanks for introducing us to them!

God bless you....

Kathy S. said...

Hello Joy,

What a wonderful name. I so enjoyed reading through your journey here. I kept seeing your photo on comments in the P31 blogs, and finally came over.

I see you have a very sweet and tender heart and the Lord is moving in amazing ways in your life.

In reading about your fears, and the tenderness of God's people, I am blessed, as I have long been so ashamed of my own struggle with fears. Though I have not hidden them I have felt so foolish and faithless. Many times confessions are met with blank stares and no words. The Lord has been my encourager though and I believe it is for the purpose stated in 2 Cor 1:3...

I love the joy and victory in overcoming though, as you have in your flight. He is strong when we are weak. I love that!

You go girl!
Love, Kathy

valerie said...

How neat!
That is how it's going to be next month for those who are going to attend the Siesta Fiesta. It makes me excited to think of all the women I'll get to meet.
Several of the ladies you have on here today are also my blogging friends.
You're's a very special friendship we all share.
God bless & I'm thankful you were able to go to She Speaks.

Lynn Cowell said...

Joy, I will look the daisies in my yard differently now; thinking of His love for me and your heart as well!

It was so good to meet you at She Speaks. How good of God to put on Proverbs heart to do something so wonderful!

My husband told me today that he ordered me a t-shirt that says "I Think; Therefore I blog"!

God's Greatest to You,