Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mixed Emotions

"Don't it always seem to go,
You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".

Do you remember my "Bittersweet" post and the thoughts from my "Now and Not Yet" ponderings? Well, just a couple of days ago my heart has felt that similar severing again. Hearing some news on Wednesday evening has divided my emotions, calling me to travel two diverging paths at the same time.

When I arrived home from work just three nights ago, my son greeted me at the door with, "Mom, I've got some very sad news." Well, I perceived immediately it wasn't 'sad' as in the loss of a life, but it was disappointing.

I asked, "Is it school news?"
"Is it teacher news?"
I knew instantly.
"Mr. K. is leaving".
I received a confirming nod.

Mr. K. is the amazing music teacher my son has had the privilege of training under since entering High School. Having a mutual friend, Mr. K. knew of my son long before the two of them ever met face to face. From day one it has been the pairing of two completely music minded souls. My son desiring to one day become "Mr. K." and follow in his footsteps in Music Education, and Mr. K. wishing that some day his two young boys would grow up to be like my son. There has been a wonderful friendship formed, while still maintaining a teacher student respect.

It is this same man I wrote about in my "Footloose" post below. The one who encouraged my son on the opening night of their performance, that all music is for the glory of God. Just earlier this week, my son needed a recommendation from two teachers to apply for a leadership course his guidance counselor strongly felt he should take next year and Mr. K. wrote the following about my son: "Amazing Guy! Fantastic and brilliant student! Could be the best we've had!" Do you see why it's so hard to see this teacher leave?

Feelings arising are similar to my reaction while viewing "Goodbye Mr. Chips" (a VERY old movie) and "Mr. Holland's Opus" (about a music teacher retiring). This gentleman gives his all, freely sacrificing his time, hours upon hours upon hours, to impart in students a passion for music. Just last week one of the bands my son plays in received a Gold Medal and a Scholarship for their outstanding performance. The adjudicator said that at one point during their performance he had to put his pen down and just listen as he was so overcome with emotion while their band played. In the two weeks that this man had been judging bands he said he had not heard anything close to the calibre of these students. A testimony and tribute to a dedicated music teacher.

Although our hearts are already feeling the loss, we are so happy for Mr. K. He has received a huge promotion. He is going from being a High School music teacher, in charge of the Arts Program at one High School, to becoming Head of all Arts Departments in our District School Board. No one is more deserving. No one could be better equipped. No one will be missed more.

So, through our disappointment, we know we must release this amazing educator to bigger and better things. Our joy for his achievement is mixed with the empty ache of the loss of a talented teacher, a model musician, a commanding conductor, a marvelous mentor, a respected role-model, who will remain a forever friend.

We will continue to pray for Mr. K. and we thank the Lord for the impact he has made on our son's life over the past two years. It has been a pleasure and privilege to know him. The Lord has used him greatly in shaping our son and giving Chris future direction and we, as parents, are forever greatful.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...
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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This post speaks to well I know of good-byes and of moving on to new seasons of living. It can be very bittersweet, especially when there are deep relationships involved. It hurts my heart to think that somewhere down the road, we'll have to leave our church to move onto another appointment. But without the "pain of letting go" then love has been minimal.

I'd rather love and leave with suffering pain then to never know love and leave with little thought.

Part of the cycle of life. A hard part. I will be thinking of you and especially your son in the "letting go."

Find your rest this Sabbath.


Catherine said...

Oh Joy, I'm so sorry. I know that this has been a concern of yours and my heart aches for Chris as I know how much he respected Mr. K and how much he learned from him. So hard to understand the 'why' at times like this but trusting as we know that God knows what will happen next year and the one after that too.

Praying for the teacher that will come in and work with your amazing son next year.

Kelley said...

Change is so difficult. I have a hard time when people leave or move on. I just figure things will always be the same. But of course they won't be.

I am glad to hear that your son got to spend a couple of years with this teacher. Those years will be a blessing he can keep forever! I know it will not be the same but hopefully the new teacher will have some wonderful lessons to teach as well....

I hope everything else is going well for you. Lelia and I purchased our airfare yesterday so we are ready to go. Come on June 20!

Love and blessings to you in this new week!


Yolanda said...

Beautiful tribute of a man that apparently is a hero due to having character and integrity!


tiggerdaisy said...

Bittersweet endings. Change is very difficult, though we must all go through it. I'm very appreciative of your perspective since you know that there are bigger and better things that await this man...bigger and better ways that he can help more students. Knowing that makes the loss a little less hard to swallow.

Prayers and Blessings!


Bonita said...

I guess the silver lining is that this man was in your son's life for a season to encourage and help him. It's hard to say goodbye, but at least he has memories of a terrific teacher.

Lelia Chealey said...

Hi Joy!
Your son does sound like an outstanding kid. My daughter had an English teacher like that & I was so sad when he left. He really pulled the best out of her with his encouraging words & strong faith in God in a public school. Your son's sadness will fade when he realizes that Mr. K was only meant to be in his life in that role for only a season. The next teacher he has may bring out something different in your son that will make him even more outstanding! :)
I read your comment on my blog for the YES to GOD study. I really enjoy reading anything you write. I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you as we travel to She Speaks. I think when we step out of our comfort zone to live out the plans God has for our lives then He gives us a peace that we can't even explain. You'll be fine, riding in the palm of His hands all the way to North Carolina. I can't wait to meet you this summer Joy. You have such a sweet & sincere heart for God.
Oh, and the story of your nursing friend was awesome!! Great word picture.
The book His Princess on your that book. Just went to a mother/daughter program last Friday night w/ my girls & they gave every woman that book. My neighbor had already given it to Alyssa & when she was pregnant I'd try to read her one every night. So good.
Have a great day.
Love you sister!