Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thank you for being a friend

Almost a month ago I received this Friendship Award from my new Kansas friend Kelley. She has been such a gift from God to me. I am in awe at how the Lord brought our lives together. Kelley, you continue to be such an incredible source of encouragement to me. Love ya, friend. (To those of you reading this today, please pray for Kelley - she is speaking at a Bible study event this morning. Thank you.)

I would now like to pass this award along to some special friends who have deeply enriched my life through this bloggy world!

Holly - a special surprise gift from God. You have impacted my life more than you will ever know. Thank you for listening and hearing unspoken words of my heart. I am forever greatful.

Elaine - a skilled craftsman of words, capturing thoughts and expressions in poetry, verse and picture. You have touched my life deeply, calling me to a deeper intimacy with my Lord. Looking forward to spending time with you in June!

Cathy - how many years has it been? You have been a friend for all seasons. Thank you for patiently answering all my blog questions. Your gift of serving others is such an example to me. You're going to be a great Mom!!!

Carol - thank you for encouraging me years ago to enter bloggy world. Although I wasn't quite ready for it at the time, it has now given me a safe place of expression. Thank you for being that friend who hears it all and always can make me laugh regardless of circumstances. You have heard my deepest thoughts and still love me. Thank you.

Marilyn - thank you for sending that first e-mail message to me. We share so many similarities! We are on a journey from fear to faith and it's comforting to travel with such a loving companion.

Heather - my brave friend. You have opened your heart up to me and it's an honour to pray for you. The Lord is unwrapping a gift in your life and I'm privileged to watch the unvieling. Thank you for letting me share in your life.

Renee - you are a friend of my heart. God has called me to pray for you and this new friendship has been sweet. May the Lord return to you many blessings for the treasure you are to me.

Melissa - ah, my beautiful friend. Do you have any idea the joy you have brought into my life? When I see your name appear in my 'inbox' I always smile. You are His Princess and my precious friend. Can't wait to meet you!

Yolanda - you are a Barnabas - a constant source of encouragement. Thank you for reaching out to me and finding value in me. Your words are a breath of fresh air and refresh my soul. Thank you.

Michelle - you are family and friend. So often you have listened to me and held my words in the safety of your heart - thank you. So glad for the understanding you offer and the delight you bring to my life. You are a blessing.

Well, this is just a partial list, in no particular order. There are so many flowers in my bouquet of friendship and all of them leave their aroma and add to the fragrance of my life. Thank you all for being my friend!

Love & hugs,


Michelle said...

You are such a sweetheart Joy, I love you so very much. You have made me smile this morning and brightened my day!

Marilyn said...

I just finished making up some worksheets for ladies Bible study when I saw your email to check out your blog. (I had already been here once today as I check out my "bloggy friends" first thing every morning!) What a SWEET thing for you to do for all of us! I appreciate it very much. And I am so thankful for the hand of friendship and encouragement you have offered to me in the past several weeks.
May God richly bless you today!
Marilyn in MS

Yolanda said...


God truly spoke through you to me this very morning. As I shared in my reply, my cup overflows! Thank you for reaching out to me, and for the JOY you give to me.


Catherine said...

Thanks sweetie. YOU are a treasured friend and I am thankful to God for our friendship that has stood the test of time and only grown stronger.

Praying for you tonight.

elaine @ peace for the journey said... I think I should send you some flowers or something.

You, my friend, are the rare treasure. The gift that I have been needing and have longed for in this season of my journey.

How could I have known, even 3 months ago, that God would use a blog to bring me the much needed nourishment for my soul that I desired?

Thank you, thank you, for your obedience and for your willingness to embrace me...sight unseen. We're soon to rectify that problem. Can't wait, my Canadian Barnabas.

peace to you this day~elaine

Lelia Chealey said...

Oh, I love your choices. I know Kelley, Yolanda & Heather well & love them too. And I just "met" Elaine & love her blog & heart as well. So much fun getting to know new people & I'm learning so much.
Your comment on my Yes to God study on my blog was really really awesome! You really pierce the heart with your words.
Thanks for sharing!

Renee Swope said...

Just getting to come by for the first time today. It's been a busy day of work and packing. Mom and I packed over 20 boxes!!!

I loved your post earlier this week about balance - what timing for God to show both of us our need to seek His balance in our lives.

Your sweet friendship reflection is such a gift to each of us. I agree with so many that have shared what a treasure you are. Thank you for your never-ending encouragement and prayers. I know they lift me up and give me an extra dose of His strength to get through each day these days.

Love you friend! Can't wait to see you and hug you in June at She Speaks!!!


MrsJoeB said...

Joy-I enjoyed reading your thoughts posted on Lelias blog form our bible study. I loved most what you shared about "if satan isn't attacking you probably nothing of God is going on in your life". How true!! So we can rest in these "attacks" from satan that God is ever present! We have seen satan move from us to our kids-it really gets tough but we continue to stand strong because the ultimate Power is on our side!!
In His Graces~Pamela

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Hey Friend,
You are so special to me!! I could feel your prayers yesterday morning. And thank you for requesting more on my behalf. Our God is an awesome God and I am so very grateful He has brought us together in friendship!!

It's funny you chose to post on this award now because I have something else for you at my blog today. Not an award but guess what....Tag, you're it! LOL. I don't know if you have ever played before but it is just a fun something to do. So check it out and let me know if you decide to play!

Also, let me know how things went last night. You can email or leave a comment. I was thinking good thoughts and praying for you all evening!

Lots of Love,

Carol said...

Dear Joy,
Thank you for including me in your blog today! Very sweet! I've often worried that my big rants on things would completely cause you to walk away and never come back! Thank you for not doing that. Thanks for being a friend to me. It's amazing to have a friend that listens, understands, helps and gently offers guidance! I count you as a dear sweet friend Joy! I thank God that He brought you into my life!
Much love,

Amy said...

I just read your comment on Pamela's blog about the story of your mother's "prayer perfume."
That is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard.
Thank you for sharing that.
I need to do the same thing, to remind myself of God's presence in my life, especially through the "desert" seasons.
God Bless,

Melissa said...

Of course, I'm the last one to come by and visit, (being the believer of the "Today is Tomorrow" theory and all) and you are just the sweetest to even consider me for a "Friendship" award:) I'm honored and consider it an honor to be your friend.

I miss you! I know I've been way out of touch...I haven't even blogged since April 4th. But it's not you, I haven't been in touch with anyone. I'm back though:)

Thanks again. You are a blessing to my life. I really cannot wait to hug you in June!