Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
How often I have sung those words
My mind believes, my hearts not heard

I long to feel His warm embrace
Or look into His precious face
To see His smile, sense His touch
And yet I feel I ask too much

So many times I've claimed this truth
For others, and I've seen it proved
But for myself I can't believe
And in my heart His love receive

For who am I to ask for this
Awaken with the Kings own kiss
A love that's found in fairytales
But on the cross became the nails

Oh, can't I see He died for me
For me He came to set me free
He calls me now to be His bride
Oh why still do I run and hide

Ashamed of how my life has been
The secrets only He has seen
The darkest places of my heart
He really wants to love that part?

My child, I love you as you are
You never can wander out so far
That My love does not woo you still
It is your heart I long to fill

With all of Me, My hopes and dreams
I have plans for you you've never seen
Stop trying now to understand
Just reach out and take My hand

With trembling soul I looked at Him
And suddenly all else grew dim
How could I doubt the love I saw
That beckoned me closer to draw

Oh Lord, I said, You've waited long
For me to know, accept this song
You love me, yes, You really do
And Father, Savior, I love You.

Joy Brown, February 2005, updated March 2008


heather said...

Wow, Joy, I am touched. This is beautiful. I can't tell you how much this moved me. I am speechless. Thank you for sharing this with me, for letting me know you posted this.

I am having to hide my face from my kids. I didn't think that anything could make me cry today, because I shut down so much.

God used your words to break through a bit of my shell today. God bless you! Love you, Heather

elaine olsen said...

Your beautiful expression speaks of longing and trust. Longing I have. Trust I struggle with. I am so glad that tomorrow is Easter. This pilgrimage to the cross has nearly worn me out.

May God's presence rest on you, my new Canadian friend, as the promise of an empty tomb surrounds your tomorrow.


Yolanda said...

Joy Brown,


LOVE ya, May you have a blessed Easter!

By chance, are you any where near Skagway, Alaska? I will be there in June for about 2 or 3 days.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

You are such a gifted and talented writer! Isn't it wonderful to be able to use the gifts He gave and offer them back to Him in the form of Praise. To God be the Glory, today and forever!!!

Big Easter morning hugs to you Joy, have a wonderful day!!


Lelia Chealey said...

This is really beautiful Joy. Thanks for sharing. I also read your previous posts requesting prayer regarding She Speaks. Count me in to pray for you dear sister. Thanks for your honesty. I'm so glad you're not trying to deal with this alone.
Know you are loved by your bloggy sisters in Christ! :)
Can't wait to get your insight on the Yes to God Tuesdays starting tomorrow!