Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Computer Is Sick

Dear Friends,

Just want to give you a heads up. My computer is being very temperamental. Yesterday it denied me access all day. I sat for an hour and a half straight last night trying to log in, and nothing. Today I have tried off and on, and finally around 4:30pm it let me in.

I have no idea when I'll be back here. If it lets me on, I will try and transcribe the videos still, but I can't make any promises. As you know I've been praying for direction still in regards to continuing this, but I'm sensing God calling me away from this 'beast' entirely to make more time for Him, family and friends nearby who need me just now.

Thank you to each one of you who continues to write comments or send me e-mails sharing how you miss me over at Wendy's site. How you have touched my heart. Thank you for finding worth in the words shared last year. You are all so dear.

God bless you as you continue on this journey.


Beth E. said...

I pray that your computer gets fixed soon...I went through major problems with mine last Fall. It's so aggravating!


Lori said...

Joy, I just love u to pieces! We do miss you tons, on Wendy's blog. You have a special talent, but it does seem that God is pulling you in "other," directions. But, who knows for "how long." With God, it's a day-by-day following. Keep listening for his whispers. He loves you more than you can imagine. I think He's given you His answer, at least for the time being! :) Hugs, and know dear friend you've been in my prayer's. Love, Lori

myletterstoemily said...

hope your computer gets fixed soon! we miss your

Anonymous said...

Joy, maybe the computer problem is God's answer to whether you should or should not do the transcriptions. I will be sad if that is the case, but He will supply someone else. Follow His leading. Missing you a bunch!

Jan TN

Anonymous said...

I've just started the study recently and came over here for your transcripts. You do a wonderful job, but just in taking my own personal notes from the video, I've found that it can be challenging.
I hope that you will just do what God is calling you to and be at peace about it (I will be praying to that). I often over commit and regret it later. Your "Him, family and friends" are priority and they can often be )))squeezed((( out.
Grace and peace to you.
hoping you will come over and visit us. stop in for coffee, friend.

Glynnis Whitwer said...

I'm praying for you today. May the Lord restore health, bring hope, cover you with joy, and embrace you with tenderness. What a blessing you are to many. Thank you for your faithfulness and friendship to many.
In His love, Glynnis

Zoe said...

Standing on the front line of battle with you friend and sending prayers your way to keep your armor attached and in tact. The Lord is mighty to save.